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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Understand the concepts and relationships between concepts in the field of dentistry and have advanced contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of health care.

- Have the ability to evaluate the nature, resource, limits, accuracy, reliability, and validity of knowledge.

- Be aware of the importance of ethical principles and ethical rules.


Cognitive, Practical

- Have the knowledge of discovering, evaluating and applying scientific information in dental field.

- Be able to use advanced theoretical and practical knowledge regarding dentistry on advanced level

- Be able to use the computer programs, related technology and educational tools in dentistry

- Be proficient in utilizing information and communication technologies on computer software at least at the level required by the European Computer Driving License in the field of dentistry.


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Be able to take responsibility, either individually or as a team member, in solving complicated and unpredictable problems related to dental applications

Learning Competence

- Be able to critically assess acquired advanced knowledge and skills related to dentistry

- Competent in specifying learning-needs and resources and guid the learning process by using resources effectively

- Capable of developing and internalizing a positive attitude towards lifelong learning

Communication and Social Competence

- Be qualified in instructing people or institutions on matters related to dentistry, transferring ideas and solving problems in a written or oral form, receiving thoughts, requirements and expectations of related people and institutions

- Share professional information with both experts and people who are unfamiliar to this field

- Capable of following professional information and interacting with international colleagues using at least one foreign language at European Language Portfolio B1 level

- Able to observe and evaluate contemporary developments in dentistry

- Capable of using verbal and written Turkish language correctly and expressing herself/himself

- Improve continuously in his/her own profession, as well as skills in accordance with scientific, social, cultural and artistic fields by identifying learning needs.

Field-based Competence

- Act according to the duties, the laws related to rights and responsibilities, regulations, legislation and professional ethical rules

- Have sound information about understanding the healthy and unhealthy invidual´s structure, the physiological functions and behaviors, and the interaction between health and physical and social environment

- Have adequate experience on dental clinical applications