Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation; education and research in the fields that can be gathered in two groups as water resources (irrigation and drainage) and agricultural structures in the occupation area. In the water resources group; efficient use of land and water resources, development, analysis for improvement, Designing and operating methods, irrigation water to provide the surface, the design of surface, springer and drip irrigation systems, the design of agricultural drainage systems, land leveling, irrigation water quality, salinity, land reclamation, hydrology and hydraulic, agricultural meteorology, soil and water conservation and in agricultural structures group, plant production structures (greenhouses), animal shelters and agricultural products, analysis of storage structure and projected to ensuring optimum environmental conditions in these structures, rural planning, agricultural Engineering issues such as land consolidation is examined. Basic research topics; the water consumption of different plants, determination of irrigation programs and water-yield relationship effective utilization techniques of irrigation water, the comparison of different irrigation methods and techniques, studies to reduce the impact of the use of land and water resources, global climate change, plant-environment simulation modeling, hydrological basin modeling, new techniques in irrigation scheduling, saline and waste water use in irrigation, saline and alkaline soils, improving the sera of irrigation and drainage structural problems, identifying the greenhouse types and constructions, automation of greenhouse interior climate control is the control of environmental conditions in the animal shelters.


Appropriately the use of land and water resources that a very important places in agricultural activities, development and where necessary major role played by irrigation in agriculture activities such as the rehabilitation, drainage, land reclamation, agricultural construction, agricultural hydrology, soil and water conservation engineering, land consolidation, capable of rural settlement planning and agriculture provide structural and development of the physical aspects of their business, the impact of issues to take all of the long-term technical measures projects to produce and which has competence in the topics of educating agricultural Engineers are the target criteria of agricultural Structures and Irrigation Department.