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Agricultural Structures and Irrigation Department studies the sustainable use,development and melioration of land and water resources which has an important role in agricultural activities. Department is responsible for education, training and research about irrigation, drainage, land reclamation, agricultural construction, agricultural hydrology, soil and water conservation engineering, land consolidation, rural settlement planning. Education is provided in undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels . Also providing courses and seminars in related topics to technical staff working in the agricultural organizations, takes an important part in deparment´s work.
Programme ISCED Code

Programme Credits

240 ECTS
Programın Lenght

4 years
Program Discriptions and Details

Agricultural Structures and Irrigation are concerned with the optimum use, conservation and development of soil and water resources, planning, projecting and construction of the necessary structures and facilities for the creation of suitable environmental conditions at various stages of agricultural production, and taking into account the effects of longevity measures which lead to the structural and physical improvement of agricultural enterprises is an important specialty of agricultural engineering. In addition, planning of greenhouses and animal shelters is also of interest to the Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation.
Program Type

Theoretical and applied