Occupational Profiles & Access to Further Studies:

Departmental graduates in public sector;
- Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
- Agricultural credit cooperatives,
- Special provincial administrations,
- Ministry of Environment and Urbanization,
- Municipalities,
- Irrigation associations,
- Irrigation Cooperatives,
- State Hydraulic Works, can find employment opportunities.
In the private sector,
- In companies which design irrigation systems and produce irrigation equipment,
- Landscape companies,
- In companies which design and produce greenhouses,
- In companies which prepare animal shelters and farm projects,
- The field of activity has the opportunity to find employment in sales, production and marketing subjects at other companies related to agriculture.

In these areas, they can open their own workplaces or project office and build contracting firms. They can sell irrigation equipment, mainly sprinkling and drip irrigation. Given the fact that the future of Turkey depends on the development of agriculture and agriculture based industry, the Çukurova Region, which has a great agricultural production value for our country, is at the forefront. Agricultural irrigation in the area indicated; it is one of the key pillars of what is planned, completed, used and managed, to increase productivity and economic growth, and to meet the national and regional policy objectives of agriculture. In this context, companies with more than 50 irrigation and irrigation connections currently working in the region are in need of irrigation engineers each year. Besides, the fastest development and structural change in Çukurova Region animal husbandry has been in the field of poultry, similar to the trend in the world and in our country. Departmental graduates who are competent in agricultural structures are needed for existing enterprises or those newly established.