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Department of Agricultural Economics, which was founded in 1969 to teach classes on economic aspects of agriculture, continued its activities under other departments of Faculty of Agriculture for some time. Then after having its' own tecahing staff, began to serve as a seperate department in 1979. The first undergraduate of the department was initiated in 1981-1982 academic year. The Department of Agricultural Economics has two branches; "Farm Management" and Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Extension". Farm Management branch conducts researches on Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Production Economics, Farm Management and Agricultural Finance. Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Extension branch conductss researches on policy, extension, organization and sociological aspects of agriculture. The department is providing education, research and extension services on local and national basis for rational use and management of agricultural resources under a rapidly chamging economic and social environment.
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240 ECTS
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4 Years
Program Discriptions and Details

Department of Agricultural Economics carries out activities for the following purposes; graduating agricultural economist agricultural engineers who will serve in areas related to agricultural economics in public and private institutions and companies functioning in general economic and agricultural sector; carrying out studies towards the solution to agriculture related problems on regional, national and international levels, in order to train expert staff in areas which the nation needs by offering Masters and PhD education in these areas. The main areas the Department focus its activities for these purposes are summarized as follows: Informing farmers of where, when and how they can profitably apply production related technical results introduced by the branches of agricultural sciences Determining problems which producers face at every stage of marketing crop and livestock products, and proposing solutions to these problems at each stage Supplying scientific data to decision makers on the outcomes of policies and applications while considering national and international developments Identifying problems and finding their solutions in introduction of agricultural innovations to farmers Recognizing the role and the significance of social structures in economic development and searching for possible improvements.
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