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The Field Crops Department maintains education,training and research possibilities in industrial crops,cereals,forage crops,pasture and edible legume. In Field Crops Department there are total of 18 academic members,consisting of 11 professors, 2 associate professors and 1 assistant professors as well as 4 research assistants.The main aim of the education and training subprogram is to provide students with the currents information about field crops plantation and breeding.Research in the Department is concerned with general agronomical, physiological, ecological, biochemical, biotechnical, and genetic aspects of these crops, as well as with more advanced crop-rotation systems suitable for the region.The Department also participates in farmer-training programs, seminars and demonstrations in the field.The Department has 25 hectares of bottom land which is used for education training and research purposes. In addition to this,several laboratories such as plant analysis,cytology,biotechnology,seed and fiber technology laboratories exist in the department Our department also collaborates with international and national agencies such as CIMMYT, ICARDA, CIEAM, VOLKANI CENTER, FAO, Hohenheim University in Germany and Hebrew University in Israel.The Department also has conservation unit for genetic resources.
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