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Ceyhan Engineering Faculty within the Cukurova University depending on dated 11/12/2009 and was established by the Council of Ministers No. 2009/15660. As of March 2013, a total of 9 lecturers has served in the branch of Mechanical Engineering Department including 2 associated professor, 2 assist professor and 5 research assistants have been working in our department. There exist a total of 6 sub-branches in Mechanical Engineering Department, namely Machine Theory and Dynamics, Construction and Manufacturing, Thermodynamics, Energy, Mechanic and Automotive.
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One year English preperation class is compulsory for the students who don´t have proficiency in English. Our students graduate equipped with the knowledge given by a program regarding the needs of the industry which is prepared in accordance with the views of shareholders during the four-year undergraduate education. Our students have the opportunity to do minor or double major in automotive, industrial, civil and textile engineering departments. They also have a chance to continue their education one or two semesters in Europe by mean of the ERASMUS program. Above all, students have facility to convert the theoretical knowledge acquired in lectures into practice in laboratories.
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This programme is a Full Time programme.