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Chemical Engineering Department was established in 2013 within the Faculty of Ceyhan Engineering and planning to begin its undergraduate education in 2016. 3 assistant professors and 1 research assistant are among the department´s teaching staff. Process and Reactor Design, Unit Operations and Thermodynamics, Chemical Technologies are the sub-branches of the department. Asides from scientific research, the department will offer both educational and industry-oriented services at its recently built laboratories.
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240 ECTS
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Program Discriptions and Details

Chemical Engineering that mixes basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, and Economics is one of the most dynamic engineering fields among mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. Chemical Engineering´s interest areas are comprised of a very wide range from material production with tons in a factory to micro-size production with rapid progress in technology. In Chemical Engineering, courses are spread out over four years systematically. Besides, during education, the students have opportunities like minor program, double major program, exchange programs, field trips and training. Thus, students would graduate with skills like analytical thinking, self-confidence, sustainable development, wide vision and creative. Our students can be hired in industries including petroleum, petro-chemical, steel, cement, ceramic, leather, textiles, fertilizer, paper, glass, paint, detergent-cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, energy, environmental, and biotechnology.
Program Type

This programme is a Full Time programme.