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Çukurova University Ceyhan Veterinary Faculty was established in 2012 and now has a 4-storey 1100m2 indoor area allocated to itself in the province of Adana-Ceyhan. 2 Associate Professors, 2 Assist. Associate Professor, 4 Associate Professors in Preclinical Sciences, 2 Assist. Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences 2 Assist. Associate Professor, 2 Professors in Animal Science and Nutritional Diseases Department, 1 Professor in Food Hygiene and Technology Department, 1 Yrd. He started teaching with a total of 16 faculty members, including associate professors. The duration of the training in the faculty is 5 years (10 semesters) and graduates are granted a veterinary doctoral degree diploma equivalent to the graduate degree. In the laboratories, analysis processes for education, research and diagnosis are carried out. In addition to education and research in clinics where there are 4 departments including Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Reproduction and Artificial Insemination, all kinds of examinations, diagnoses, treatments and operations are performed in public. Providing the shelter of animals in the course of treatment, the experienced academic staff and the quality of service provide services to the illnesses coming from the provinces and the environment, and they are proceeding more surely every step towards becoming a regional faculty. In our faculty, there are laboratories that provide various research opportunities in various branches of science as well as management and education-training units. Our faculty is a unit that provides veterinary health and education services to the region of South, Southeast and Eastern Anatolia, especially Cukurova region. The faculty has a learning environment, infrastructure, facilities and basic academic units that are suitable for the education models. There are farms of various sizes around the faculty, where the veterinarians can offer a variety of care and sickness to our faculty. Our students will develop practical knowledge by learning the necessary practices in these farms and learn to apply modern treatment methods to be followed in the treatment of diseases. Thus, they will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in terms of society.
Programme ISCED Code

0841: Veterinary (12.4 - 64, 640)
Programme Credits

300 ECTS
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Program Discriptions and Details

Veterinary medicine is a multidisciplinary medical profession that needs to acquire knowledge and skills on topics such as animal health and nutrition, animal health and nutrition, animal health, environmental health, production of feedstuffs and production of biological materials. The veterinary faculties in our country have been in the program for 5 years and a single program is being implemented. CU The educational system that has been in use since the year it was founded at Ceyhan Veterinary Faculty has been enriched with new methods widely accepted in veterinary faculties in the world and our country. CU The Ceyhan Veterinary Faculty's veterinary training program is a program focused on priority animal health and preventive public health issues. In the program, students learn learning issues under basic sciences, preclinical sciences, clinical sciences, zootechnics and animal nutrition and food hygiene and technology departments, equipped with knowledge and skills to cope with priority animal health problems in clinical period, and their competencies as a veterinarian under the supervision of their instructors. Teaching and learning methods used in the currently applied education system; presentations, laboratory exercises, practices in vocational skills laboratories, clinical training programs, non-faculty summer
Program Type

Graduate Level