Occupational Profiles & Access to Further Studies:

Veterinary faculty graduates can make free veterinary medicine in private clinics and animal hospitals as well as establishing and marketing animal husbandry and veterinary medicine tools and supplies in companies that import veterinary biological products in slaughterhouses, It is used for the sale of raw and harvested products in private and food stores and diagnostic laboratories, ready-to-eat meat mining sales outlets, wholesale and retail sales centers, wholesale and retail sales centers, retail and hospitality training centers, bee growing centers, organic farming control and certification institutions in companies that produce and sell breeding animals, in feed factories, in poultry hatcheries and breeding establishments, in embryo and semen production centers, in companies that sell veterinary and human medicines and vaccines, They are employed in universities with the duties and responsibilities of state institutions that deal with animal and environmental health and food safety at various levels that concern public health and food safety in companies, municipalities and various institutions.