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The Faculty of Pharmacy consists of the Department of Pharmacy Professional Sciences, Department of Pharmacy Technology and Department of Basic Pharmacy Sciences. The education period of the Faculty of Pharmacy which has been started with 63 students in 2016-2017 academic year is 5 years.The language of instruction is Turkish. Students must have earned at least 300 ECTS credits in order to graduate after being successful in the five year program courses. The curriculum includes theoretical courses as well as practical courses. Basic, vocational and elective courses mentioned in the program, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Basic Sciences of Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Radiopharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Botany, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Toxicology, Clinical Pharmacy Branches Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmacokinetics, Science Branches of Cosmetology and related departments in our university. In addition, internship trainings included in the program are provided in the pharmacy, drugstore, free pharmacy, pharmacy and various research centers and laboratories, as well as the institutions indicated in the internship guidelines, including the pharmaceutical industry, clinical pharmacy applications. Our faculty graduates graduates by taking the title of "pharmacist".
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300 ECTS
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The 5-year training plan is designed with a modern approach to pharmacy. The program consists of theoretical and applied courses, graduation project and internships. 75% of courses must be compulsory and 25% must be elected. Internships are carried out in practice pharmacy, in freelance pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, as well as in pharmaceutical industry, various research centers and laboratories, together with clinical pharmacy applications. Courses in the program are semester courses. While the courses in the first two semesters of the program give basic information about the student, the courses taken since the third semester are aimed to gain the knowledge, skills and competencies of the field.
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This program is a Full-Time program.