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The English Language Teaching (ELT) Department offers both undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA and PhD) programs. The basic components of this program consist of ELT methodology, linguistics and literature as well as elective courses such as French and German. Through elective courses, students are provided with opportunities to pursue individual interests in various cultural and professional subjects. Thus, the objective of the program is to help students to achieve mastery of the English Language and thus provide them with the knowledge and practical skills for teaching English as a foreign language. The department also organizes practice teaching in selected schools of the Turkish Ministery of Education.
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ISCED general area code : 1 ISCED basic area code : 14 ISCED education and training area code : 146
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Program Discriptions and Details

The English Language Teaching Department trains and educates prospective English teachers for institutions of elementary, secondary, and higher education. the program accepts high school graduates. students who prefer this program as a result of university placement exam take a proficiency exam. those who succeed enroll in freshman year. starting from freshman they take courses on language, methodology, literature, and pedagogy courses. they study both theoretical and practical aspects of the courses. In the senior year they also attend practicum where they teach sample lessons. most of the graduates of this program are recruited by the Ministery of Education.
Program Type

This programme is a Full Time programme.