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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Explains theorical debates of three main areas (philosophy, sociology, psychology) in relation to today´s problems

- Knows the problems differed from past to present and examines these issues in terms of present-day


Cognitive, Practical

- Defines required concepts of the three main areas (philosophy, sociology, psychology)

- Understands the problems encountered in the study area, solves and redirects

- Interpretes integrating theoretical knowledge with related disciplines, analyses and creates new information

- Makes research sources of the main problems in field of Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology

- The problems encountered in educatıonal environment and everyday life ıs evaluated from the perspective of sociology and psychology

- Puts solutıon recommendations forward systematically and consistently in writing and orally for encountered problems and knowledge in the field


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Takes responsibility individually and / or in a team, be leadership, and works effectively

- Deals with problems related to man,society and values independently

Learning Competence

- Access and use related printed information and other sources of information in the field

- Be open to continuous self-development and research

- Shows sensivity to issues of social, philosophical, and literary

- Follows software and hardware with printed and other information concerning with philosophy, social sciences ,educational sciences and education technologies, reaches, uses and improves effective ways of education-teaching.

Communication and Social Competence

- Follows the developments and information in the field and and communicates with colleagues

Field-based Competence

- Gets ability of critical, different and creative thinking and multi-dimensional perspective

- Uses information related with his/her field in business and everyday life with the awareness of social responsibility