About Of Programme

There is an undergraduate and a graduate program in the Department of Primary Education. Those who graduate from the four-year degree program work as classroom teachers in primary schools, whereas those having MA and PhD degrees work at the Ministry of Education and universities. The vision of the Department of Primary Education is to train teachers and leaders who will have a positive and meaningful effect on the students, school and society in which they live. It provides pre-service teachers with the constantly changing and evolving basic scientific knowledge in their field and related fields. Furthermore, it contributes to the development of this basic scientific knowledge through scientific research and projects. The Department of Primary Education enables pre-service teachers to use and evaluate the scientific knowledge that they have gained at various school and classroom environments (villages, slums, office, private ...) through cooperation and solidarity with primary schools. In this way, it prepares them to the school and classroom environments which have a very complex structure. 
Programme ISCED Code

Level 6
Programme Credits

240 AKTS
Programın Lenght

Program Discriptions and Details

The aim is to train and educate classroom teachers who have the quality of sensitivity towards people, society and nature, understand the significance of themselves and their profession on social development, are capable of applying pedagogical training in the class appropriately, have the ethical responsibility. Moreover, it aims to train classroom teachers who perceive continuous development as a way of life, adopt the scientific way of thinking, considers the public benefits, utilize the information and communication technologies, are able to think in a creative and critical manner, are democratic, secular, and contemporary, and who respect Ataturk’s principles. 
Program Type

This programme is a Full Time programme.