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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Explains the basic concepts and relationships between concepts in science.

- Recognizes students´ developmental and learning characteristics and difficulties.

- Explains the basic concepts of effective classroom management.

- Explains programs, strategies, methods and techniques related to the science and technology teaching.


Cognitive, Practical

- Explains application areas of science in everyday life.

- Offers solutions to problem situations encountered in classroom management.

- Uses appropriate methods and techniques for the development of students´ critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills.

- Designs materials from the stuff around in accordance with the requirements of science and technology program and students.

- Queries information in the field of science and technology using scientific methods .

- Uses laboratory according to science and technology program in an appropriate and efficient manner.

- Applies contemporary teaching methods and techniques by which the student can construct their own knowledge.


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Takes responsibility as an individual and as a team member to solve problems related to the field.

Learning Competence

- Has life-long learning awareness.

Communication and Social Competence

- Shares his/her knowledge and skills, problems and solutions that he/she identified by means of oral and written communication with the expert and non-expert people.

- Uses information and communication technologies effectively.

- Uses English sufficiently to follow developments in science and technology education.s .

- Sensitive to the agenda of the world and society events / developments .

- In addition to proffesional development,he/she improves himself/herself consistently for individual development in the scientific, social, cultural and sports areas in line with educational requirements.

Field-based Competence

- Has national and international sensibilities expressed in the Fundamental Law of National Education.

- Behaves in accordance with democracy, human rights, and social, scientific and proffesional ethical values