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Science Education Program trains competent science teachers in the field at the end of four years of undergraduate education covering the fields of life sciences and educational sciences. About science, theoretical and practical courses (labs) in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology are given. Within the scope of educational sciences, theoretical and practical courses are provided to ensure the pedagogical training of the students. Students in the last year, go to the secondary schools designated by the department to do their internship. Graduated students of this department can go on their academic career, and also can work as a science teacher in schools of Ministry of National Education in public and private. 
Programme ISCED Code

0114: Teacher training with subject specialization
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Program Discriptions and Details

This program aims to train science teachers who know and are able to teach how to reach information, can use information in the area of science and technology in daily life, can apply the contemporary teaching methods that allow students to construct their own knowledge, communicate with the people in their social environment effectively, open to innovation, sensitive to the problems of the country and the World, respectful to democratic and ethical values and adopted science as the the most important guide.
Program Type

This programme is a Full Time programme.