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Sports Management Department's program covers a period of five years of training and students enrol in the program through central placement. Department of Sport Management aims to train qualified personnel to serve in schools, universities and sports-related public and private sector institutions as well as making organizations providing recreation and leisure time activities. Graduates of this program can be employed at central and provincial departments of education and services of Youth and Sports General Directorate according to their training and expertise area. They can also work as administrators at the central and provincial organizations, public institutions and organizations; as managers at different levels within the administrative structure of amateur and professional sports clubs; as managers at private gym institutions. In addition to these, graduates can have an active role in the organization and aplication of activities known as "Healthy Living" in the society. They can also be employed as managers at sports agencies, at sports related positions in private and public organizations. Finally they can be assigned to organize sport activities and animation programs in our country's touristic hotels, motels and businesses.
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