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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Explain the basic concepts and principles in biology

- The knowledge gained in the field of biology combine with information from other sciences.


Cognitive, Practical

- Identifies problems in the field of biology and apply methods for their solution

- Describes the method of producing scientific knowledge in the field of biology

- They will receive information on the biology area, in order to classify it uses and purposes.

- They use advanced theoretical and practical knowledge that obtain in biology field.

- They are Field-related issues can inform the relevant persons and institutions, They share ideas and problems relating to suggestions as the written, oral and Visual to expert or transfer to non-experts.


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- They can take responsibility as individuals and team members to solve unpredictable problems encountered in applications related to the field.

- they can take an active role as a member of the execution team the planning of projects related to the field.

Learning Competence

- They know that life-long learning process and act accordingly.

Communication and Social Competence

- They will increase the knowledge and experience outside major issues with specific elective courses in different fields of biology.

- They speak English enough to communicate with colleagues to understand the basic concepts of biology.

- They both with colleagues, as well as areas with non-person establishes ethical uses of information and communication technology. In addition to professional development, in line with the interests and abilities of scientific, social, constantly improves

Field-based Competence

- They assesses developments in biology versatile using scientific methods and techniques

- They know the importance of personal development and enforces the need.