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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Explain the essence fundamentals and concepts in the field of Probability, Statistics and Mathematics

- Emphasize the importance of Statistics in life

- Define basic principles and concepts in the field of Law and Economics


Cognitive, Practical

- Produce numeric and statistical solutions in order to overcome the problems

- Use proper methods and techniques to gather and/or to arrange the data

- Utilize computer systems and softwares

- Construct the model, solve and interpret the results by using mathematical and statistical tehniques for the problems that include random events

- Apply the statistical analyze methods

- Make statistical inference(estimation, hypothesis tests etc.)

- Generate solutions for the problems in other disciplines by using statistical techniques


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Discover the visual, database and web programming techniques and posses the ability of writing programme

- Construct a model and analyze it by using statistical packages

Learning Competence

- Distinguish the difference between the statistical methods

- Be aware of the interaction between the disciplines related to statistics

Communication and Social Competence

- Make oral and visual presentation for the results of statistical methods

- Have capability on effective and productive work in a group and individually

- Professional development in accordance with their interests and abilities, as well as the scientific, cultural, artistic and social fields, constantly improve themselves by identifying training needs

Field-based Competence

- Develop scientific and ethical values in the fields of statistics-and scientific data collection