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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Explains Econometric concepts

- Acquires basic Mathematics, Statistics and Operation Research concepts

- Equipped with the foundations of Economics, and develops Economic models

- Describes the necessary concepts of Business


Cognitive, Practical

- Models problems with Mathematics, Statistics, and Econometrics

- Estimates the model consistently and analyzes & interprets its results

- Acquires the ability to analyze, benchmark, evaluate and interpret at conceptual levels to develop solutions to problems

- Collects, edits, and analyzes data

- Uses a package program of Econometrics, Statistics, and Operation Research


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Effectively works, take responsibility, and the leadership individually or as a member of a team

Learning Competence

- Awareness towards life-long learning and follow-up of the new information and knowledge in the field of study

- Develops the ability of using different resources in the form of academic rules, synthesis the information gathered, and effective presentation in an area which has not been studied

Communication and Social Competence

- Uses Turkish and at least one other foreign language, academically and in the business context

- Good understanding, interpretation, efficient written and oral expression of the people involved

- Improves his/herself constantly by defining educational requirements considering interests and talents in scientific, cultural, art and social fields besides career development

Field-based Competence

- Questions traditional approaches and their implementation while developing alternative study programs when required

- Recognizes and implements social, scientific, and professional ethic values

- Follows actuality, and interprets the data about economic and social events