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This program is aimed to develop econometricians that are able to perform analysis in Economics at the public and private sector. In order to accomplish this purpose, the program offers courses on econometrics, theoretical and applied economics, operations research, statistics, mathematics and computer applications.
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4 years (8 academic session )
Program Discriptions and Details

The econometrics program covers fundamental courses from econometrics, statistics, economics, and operations research as well as business, public finance and international relations courses. The courses in the program are in English. It is expected that the students completed the program successfully have learned the basic concepts of econometrics, statistics and operations research fields and capable to apply these to the problems for the social sciences. The graduated econometricians are expected to use computer packages to do analysis as well as being able to define and solve problems from the field, and also being responsible to economic, social and political events. In this context, 75% of the program (240 ECTS) covers compulsory courses while 25% covers elective courses. Students are able to choose elective courses both from the Econometrics department and other departments in the faculty for their self-progress. In addition to this, students satisfying the requirements can have a minor or double major in our faculty. The first Econometrics program in English in Turkey is in our department and still accepting students.
Program Type

This programme is a Full Time programme.