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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Having basic conceptual knowledge about economics and public finance and educating students who are able to analyze economic events in the light of this information, to think analytically, to work in cooperation and harmony, and to be able to do business.


Cognitive, Practical

- Collecting and commenting data from different sources using contemporary communication tools, methods and processes

- Having basic computer skills and knowledge, the vocational field uses this information

- Perform numerical and statistical data aggregation, analysis and interpretation


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Individually and / or in a team, take responsibility, leadership, and effectively works

Learning Competence

- An area he does not research exploits from different sources in the framework of academic rules, synthesizes the information he obtains and effectively presents it

- Awareness of the necessity of life-long learning, it follows up-to-date developments in the field and constantly innovates

- Synthesize and effectively deliver information from an unfamiliar field to other sources in the framework of academic rules

Communication and Social Competence

- Turkish and at least one foreign language is used in accordance with the needs of academic life and business life

- Uses Turkish in accordance with the needs of academic life and business life

- He / she correctly understands the feelings, thoughts and behaviors of the people concerned and expresses himself / herself in writing and orally

Field-based Competence

- It has social, scientific and ethical values in the stages of collecting, interpreting and announcing the data related to the scientific fields in which statistics are used.

- Aware of and act in accordance with social, scientific and professional ethical values

- Question traditional approaches, practices and methods, develop new working methods where necessary and