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Theologt Faculty of Çukurova University was established on July 3, 1992. Theology Faculty admitted the first students in the school year of 1994-1995. Our faculty gives education for four year-license. In our faculty, there is a second program, Department of Teacher of the Religion and Ethics for Primary School, beside Theology Faculty. There is no preparatory year in our undergraduate program. TheologyFaculty consists of the main three academic departments. The first one is Department of the Basic Islamic Sciences: Tafsir, Hadis, Theology, Islamic Law, Islamic Sects, Tasawwuf, and Arabic Language and Rhetoric. The second one is Department of the Philosophical and Religious Sciences: Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Logic, Psychology of Religion, Sociology of Religion, and Religious Education. The third one is Department of Islamic History and Arts: Islamic History, Turkish-Islamic Arts, Turkish-Islamic Literature, Turkish-Religious Music. And our faculty publishes a national peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Divinity Faculty of Çukurova University, two issues a year from 2001.
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