About Of Programme

Environmental Engineering program is a 4 year undergraduate level engineering program. This program has been accepting students since 1994. Students receive both theoretical and applied education with a multidisciplinary approach. Two 30-day summer internships are done by the students in public and/or private firms as a part of degree requirements. There are 7 proffessors, 4 associated proffessor, 3 assistant proffessors, 4 research assitants and technical personnel in department.
Programme ISCED Code

Programme Credits

240 ECTS
Programın Lenght

4 years
Program Discriptions and Details

Training experts to find, define, formulate and solve the problems in the area of environmental science and engineering; to contribute international research, and also contribute to provide information suitable to the demand of public and also contribute to sustainable development. Environmental engineering, which clearly demonstrate the solution of environmental health problems, as an engineering discipline which provide the public safe and tasty water supply, waste water treatment and solid waste recycling or disposal, in terms of public health, the establishment of necessary infrastructure in cities and rural areas, land , water and atmosphere, the solution of these problems occurring in the social and environmental impacts of contamination control and careful consideration of the control of arthropods transmitted diseases, industrial, hazardous waste disposal, in cities, rural areas, places of recreation and entertainment in the field of public health, such as the provision of adequate health conditions detection of problems in dealing with the impact of technological developments and the surrounding area is an engineering discipline. It is quite important to give environmental engineering education in orderto determine the rapid spreading air, water and soil pollution, which are three main elements that make up the earth. The aim is to create a natural balance while maintaining a healthy and livable environment, in line with advances in technology and sustainable industry
Program Type

This programme is a Full Time programme.