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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Has sufficient background in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Textile Engineering


Cognitive, Practical

- Uses the knowledge obtained from the basic sciences and engineering in the field of textile engineering

- Does process analysis, Identifies problems, interprets and evaluates data in the field of textile engineering

- Selects and uses modern techniques and tools for engineering applications

- Has the skills of designing experiments, data collection, cognitive analysis and interpretation of the results


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Works effectively both individually and as a team member and takes responsibility

Learning Competence

- Searches literature, has access to information, uses databases and other sources of information

- Recognizes the need of lifelong learning; follows developments in science and technology and renews self continuosly

Communication and Social Competence

- Follows developments in the field in a foreign language, has good communication skills with colleagues.

- Defines learning requirements in scientific, social, cultural and artistic areas and improves himself/herself accordingly.

- Has effective oral and written communication skills.

- Uses information and communication technologies and softwares at a required level

Field-based Competence

- Has the professional and ethical responsibility.

- Has the necessary awareness on the fields of occupational health and safety, legal side of engineering applications and environmental health.

- Has required competence in project management, entrepreneurship and innovation.