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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Utilizes computer systems and softwares

- Is equipped with a variety of skills and techniques in engineering.


Cognitive, Practical

- Generates solutions for the problems in other disciplines by using statistical techniques

- Designs a system, component or process so as to meet various engineering needs within technical, economic, environmental, manufacturability, sustainability limitations.


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Comprehends visual, database and web programming techniques and has the ability of writing objective program

- Examines and learns applications in an enterprise independently, makes critical assesments of problems, formulates problems and selects suitable techniques for solutions.

- Leads the identification, development and usage of a product or production method.

Learning Competence

- Is aware of the need for lifelong learning and self-renew

Communication and Social Competence

- Has effective oral and written English for technical or non-technical use

- Uses computers very effectively, makes computer-aided drafting, designs, analysis, and presentations.

- Improves constantly itself , as well as professional development scientific, social, cultural and artistic fields according to his/her interests and abilities identifying needs of learning.

Field-based Competence

- Is aware of the technical and ethical responsibilities, has inquisitive and innovative quality