Occupational Profiles & Access to Further Studies:

Working areas of Automotive Engineers are quite wide since automotive key industry and side industry have become the largest sector in our country. Besides well-trained engineers who have good knowledge of a foreign language will be greatly demanded by international automotive industrialists Graduates will be employed in authorized and private services widespread in all parts of our country being responsible for services as well as automotive key and side industry organizations. Automotive Engineers will take responsibility at all parts of the automotive industry. Most of its graduates will be employed by Temsa Global Industry and Trade Inc. and its suppliers which makes great progress and breakthrough. In addition, some of our graduates will be employed as researchers in Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Teaching Departments of our Faculties and in automotive programs of Vocational Schools. This program was established upon high demand especially from automotive industrialists, it is being considered that most of our graduates would be employed by the automotive industry in our region.