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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- 1. Solve the scientific problems encountered in medicine and medical technologies by applying technical approaches of disciplines. 2. Self development on science and technology issues. 3. Assess the contributions of engineering solutions on medicine, medi


Cognitive, Practical

- 1. Define the problems about Biomedical Engineering 2. Modelling the problems about Biomedical Engineering.

- 1. Analyse data and interpret results

- 1. Utilize modern techniques and computing tools which are essential for Engineering applications


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- 1. Design and analyse a defined process 2. Recognise national and international problems for Biomedical Engineering

Learning Competence

- Understand the research problems of medical doctor with engineering perspective

Communication and Social Competence

- 1. Describe the ideas clearlywith written and verbally 2. Have the interdisciplinary teamwork skills

Field-based Competence

- 1. Have knowledge on calibration and quality assurance systems in Biomedical Engineering 2. Have the sense of responsibility and professional ethics