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Program Learning Outcomes

Cognitive, Practical

- 2. Assessment of data scientifically on fisheries engineering, determining and solving the problems

- 3. Uses theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of fisheries to design; investigates and interprets events and phenomena usig scientific methods and techniques.

- 4. Collecting data in fisheries science, making the basic experimental studies, evaluating the results, identifying the problems and developing methods of solution


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- 5. Having plan any study related to fisheries science as an individually, managing and consulting.

- 6.Learning the knowledge by the determining learning needs; developing positive attitude towards lifelong learning

Learning Competence

- 7. Communicating oral and written in expertise field, monitoring the seminars and meeting in expertise field, following the foreign language publication.

- 8. Improving life-long learning attitude and using the information to the public interest.

Communication and Social Competence

- 9. Creating public awareness about fisheries and having the ability to ensure sustainable use of aquatic resources.

- 10. Communicating oral and written effectively, participating the seminars and meetings in expertise field, following the foreign language publications.

- 11. Using the informatics and communicating technology

- 12. Improves constantly itself , as well as professional development scientific, social, cultural and artistic fields according to his/her interests and abilities identifying needs of learning.

Field-based Competence

- 13. Gaining competence to determine the current status of aquatic resources and its sustainable use, water pollution and control, and biotechnology areas.

- 15. Ability to act in accordance with the regulation, social, scientific, cultural, and ethical values on fisheries field

- 14. Having ability to promote the study about aquaculture techniques by saving the natural environment, fishery diseases, fishing and processing technology, structure of fishery sector, problems and solution of their expertise field