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Dentistry Manupulation * DEN   055 1 2 2 4

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Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)
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Course Coordinator Lec. Ragıp ŞAHİN
Making students sufficient artistically, technically and conceptually
Creating original work considering students personal style and technical knowledge

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Course Content
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1 As a dentist, you will acquire basic knowledge of the clinical and health sciences that your profession requires and use them throughout your professional life. Visuals and texts
2 It explains the normal structure, function, development and interaction of the mouth-teeth-jaw and related structures in all phases of human life. Visuals and texts
3 Maintaining the health of the oral and maxillofacial system has knowledge of protective dental procedures and ethical principles in the prevention of systemic disorders and diseases. Visuals and texts
4 Common mouth dental jaw disorders / diseases are associated with systemic diseases; date, reliable diagnostic methods, makes a differential diagnosis and applies the necessary treatment options in respect of the patient's privacy, secrets, dignity, beliefs, cultural differences, sexual preference. Visuals and texts
5 Analyze and evaluate the health and disease components, the process, the outcome, use evidence-based methods in updating the information and in patient treatment. It is the principle to decide on the ethical principles by evaluating the patient's choice, his own experience and the most valid evidence. Visuals and texts
6 Diş hekimliğinde medikal acil müdahale gerektiren durumlarda, ilk yardım-temel yaşam desteği sağlar; acil dental durumlarda gerekli müdahaleyi yapar ve sonraki süreci planlar. Visuals and texts
7 Provides first aid-basic life support when medical emergency intervention is required in dentistry; make necessary intervention in emergency dental situations and plan subsequent procedures. Visuals and texts
8 Individual, family and collective oral and dental health education, individual or team members carry out studies related to the field; counseling, supervision, leadership. Visuals and texts
9 Plans, manages and monitors and evaluates activities for the development and training of employees under their responsibilities. Visuals and texts
10 t develops positive attitudes and behaviors related to lifelong learning and embraces the universal conditions required by the medical profession. Visuals and texts
11 Knows the ways of reaching information and evaluates knowledge using critical thinking skills; determine the learning needs and resources related to the medicine and use it effectively. Visuals and texts
12 It communicates effectively with patient and patient relatives, colleagues and other segments of the community. Visuals and texts
13 It informs the persons and institutions concerned about professional matters; opinions and suggestions for solutions to problems by written or oral supporting quantitative and qualitative data and share them with experts / non-experts. Visuals and texts
14 Organizes and implements projects / activities for the social environment in which he / she is aware of social responsibility. Visuals and texts
15 It uses medical information and communication technologies together with computer software at the level required by its field. Visuals and texts
16-17 Mid-Year Exam

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