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Fruit and Viticulture Pests * ZMS   306 6 2 2 3

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Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)
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Course Coordinator Prof. Dr. Mehmet Rifat ULUSOY
Prof. Dr.MEHMET RİFAT ULUSOY1. Öğretim Grup:A
In these days cultivation of horticulural crops has many problem and one of the major problems is pests on plants. We have to know the followings: recognition of the pests, their spread, ecologic needs, biology, and treatments, how they create harm on the plants body, and which part of plant they are feeding and natural enemies. In this lecture pests are arranged under two main groups; fruits and vegetables.
Recognation of pests of horticulturalk crops, biologies, and how they can make harm and control methods, and general properties of pest control.

Learning Outcomes

Course's Contribution To Program
NoProgram Learning OutcomesContribution
Recognizes the basic concepts in science, engineering, general machinery and other socio-cultural issues in agriculture and acquires up to date information.
Knows the use and preservation possibilities of natural and the fossil energy sources in agricultural production.
Knows manufacturing methods of agricultural machinery and materials are.
Becomes conscious of the effects of global and societal context and understands the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation of Professional solutions and applications.
Knows the problems of the the main applications of agricultural machines, setting and maintenance in use of the field.
Applies appropriate models of sustainable production for mechanization in agricultural enterprises, creates an optimal chain of mechanization and operates.
Knows and applies at least one of the three dimensional drawing programmes.
Knows and applies the laws and regulations of agricultural machinery manufacturing.
Identifies problems that can be solved within the scope of mechanization in plant and animal production and selects the appropriate equipment.
Knows national, international project resources and their admission, application and monitoring processes.
knows the agriculture and agricultural machinery about the national-international regulations.
Knows and applies the design and manufacturing the 3d solid modelling
Selects the appropriate materials for agricultural machines.
Knows and applies the methods which improves them professionally.
Prepares the AR_GE project and desings and manufactures it.
Plans and manages the creation of jobs for agricultural machines in manufacture, marketing and service network, .
Has sufficient background in the field of Basic Engineering and Agricultural Engineering in general and Agricultural Machinery field in particular.
Assists agricultural machinery firms in AR_GE and technology innovation.
Learns a new application-oriented software design and Agriculture.
Makes contacts within the scope of current issues in agriculture sector, manufacturing industry, public institutions and representatives of chambers internship and undertakes responsibilities in various working environments.

Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 Pest of Citrus Plants Issues related to resource books
2 Pest of Subtropic Fruit Issues related to resource books
3 Pest of Grape-like Fruit Issues related to resource books
4 Pest of Pome Fruits Issues related to resource books
5 Pest of Pome Fruits (Progression) Issues related to resource books
6 Pest of Stone Fruits Issues related to resource books
7 Pest of Stone Fruits (Progression) Issues related to resource books
8 Pest of Hard-shell Fruits Issues related to resource books
9 Midterm exam The mid-term exam lecture notes and presentations, working in the treated subjects prepare for the exam
10 Pests of vegetable and ornamental plants Issues related to resource books
11 The pests of the leaves eaten vegetables Issues related to resource books
12 The pests of fruit eaten vegetables Issues related to resource books
13 Other pests of vegetables Issues related to resource books
14 Pests of Cut flower Issues related to resource books
15 Pests of Forest, parks and ornamental plants Issues related to resource books
16-17 Final exam The period until the end of the lecture notes and presentations, trying to prepare for the exam subjects treated

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