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Seed Control and Certification * TBP   339 5 2 2 3

Prerequisites and co-requisites
Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)
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Course Coordinator Prof.Dr. Saliha KIRICI
Prof.Dr.SALİHA KIRICI1. Öğretim Grup:A
to explain using of quality seed in terms of crop production, what is seed control and certification, why it is necessary, development oin the World and Turkey, the aim and extent of seed law, production of certificated seed; field standards (ISTA), laboratory testing and controlling according to crops, general status of private seed company
Seed morphology and physiology, germination, seed ecology, fundamentals of seed production (protection and isolation, date and process of seed, harvesting) drying and storage, field inspection, seed sampling, seed testing (purity, germination, weight and test, moisture of tests, quality and performance, identity, stress and biochemical tests), seed certification.

Learning Outcomes

Course's Contribution To Program
NoProgram Learning OutcomesContribution
Has basic knowledge generally in Agricultural Sciences and specifically in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
Owns basic scientific information on plant nutrients and their applications which ensure healty nutritions of plants for high quality and economic plant production
Understands the principles of ecological farming in point of sustainable and ecological farming
Has the ability to identify, define, formulize and solve engineering problems. Choses and applies the appropriate analytical and modelling techniques for this purpose.
Assimilates the information which is used for soil conservation, protection against every kinds of misuses and pollution
Analyses soils, their components or their actual process and plans them to accomplish the requirements of sustainable agriculture principles under real limitations
Prepares nutritional programmes for regular nutrition of plants cultivated in each kinds of soil or soilless growing medium
Leads to the application and development of new technolgies, methods and measuring systems in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition area, under the scope of scientific, economic and rational uses of agricultural areas,
Gains the perfection in every kinds of soil, plant, fertilizer and water analyses and their interpretations
Carries the effective working ability and self-confidence for taking the responsibility in solo and team works
Accesses to information and searches literatures for this purpose ,uses databases and other sources
Has the awareness for following the developments in science and technology and renewing them continuously
Builds effective oral and written communication in Turkish and has enough knowledge in at least one foreign language
Constantly improve themselves with determining their training needs in accordance with their interests and abilities in the scientific, cultural, artistic and social fields in addition to their professional development
Gains consciousness for professional and ethical resposibilities
Has enough awareness of project management, workplace applicaitons, health of workers, and environemt and job safety
Be aware of the legal results of their activities
Achieves awareness of the universal and public results of professional solutions and applicaitons and understands the importance of entrepreneurship and modernism

Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 What is seed, properties of quality seed and its importance for plant production. what is seed control and certification, why it is necessary, development in the World and Turkey Topics on course notes
2 Morphology and physiology of seed, germination and dormancy, showing different seeds (practice) Topics on course notes
3 Ecology of seed, importance of plant genetic resources for seed .Homework will be given on this topic Topics on course notes
4 Production of certificated seed; Aim and extent of seed law-5553; who can produce certificated seed. Private seed companies for certificated seed Topics on course notes
5 Field control in seed produce Topics on course notes
6 Preparing field control reports and their assessment, field standarts (ISTA) for crops Topics on course notes
7 Seed sampling process after harvest Practice: showing seed sampling probes Topics on course notes
8 Sending the sample seed to official state seed laboratory and testing Topics on course notes
9 Midterm exam Preparing for the exam by working the lecture notes, presentations, related papers and books
10 Seed certifications: Breeder seed, elite seed, original seed, foundation seed, registered seed and certified seed Topics on course notes
11 Standard testing for laboratories (ISTA) and labelling of seed practice:subsampling techniques Topics on course notes
12 Subsampling for laboratory work, physical purity testing, testing of kg/unit, germination testing, weight testing, seed moisture test practice: Germination test Topics on course notes
13 Variety testing practice:chemical tests-phenol test and tetrazolium chloride test Topics on course notes
14 Seed vigor test-1 Topics on course notes
15 Seed vigor test-2 Topics on course notes
16-17 Final exam Preparing for the exam by working the lecture notes, presentations, related papers and books.

Recommended or Required Reading
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