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İngilizce I   2 3 4

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Öğr. Gör.SEVGİ ÇÜRÜK1. Öğretim Grup:A
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Dersin Amacı
Make students understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Introduce him/herself and others and ask and answer questions such as where he/she lives people he/she knows. Interact in a simple way if the other person speaks slowly and clearly.
Dersin İçeriği
Present simple questions and negatives-adjectives-verbs-nouns,Past simple irregular verbs.Talking about sports you like/hate-verb -ing

Dersin Öğrenme Kazanımları
1) Can understand sentences ad frequently used expressions related to areas of immediate relevance (e.g basic personel and family information)
2) Can exchange information on familiar and routine matters
3) Can understand the main points of a text related to everyday life
4) an produce simple connected text on topics of personel interest
5) an describe his/her bacground in simple terms
6) Can give ideas, reasons and explanations for opinions and plans
7) Can deal with situations in an area where the language is spoken

NoTemel öğrenme KazanımlarıKatkı Düzeyi

HaftaKonularÖn Hazırlık Yöntem
1 Introducing yourself-plurals-what is /are-to be questions-nationalities and countries Düz anlatım, tartışma Anlatım
2 Possessive (s) and adjectives-present simple-Describing a special/typical day Düz anlatım, tartışma
3 Present simple questions and negatives-adjectives-verbs-nouns Düz anlatım, tartışma
4 Talking about a holiday- a, an, any, some Düz anlatım, tartışma
5 Talking about possessions-have/has got Düz anlatım, tartışma
6 Talking about sports you like/hate-verb and -ing Düz anlatım, tartışma
7 Talking about sports you like/hate-verb and -ing Düz anlatım, tartışma
8 ara sınav ara sınav
9 Adverbs of frequency-class survey on weekend activities Düz anlatım, tartışma
10 Prepositions of place-telling where things are- present continuous for now Düz anlatım, tartışma
11 Making requests-ordering food and drinks in a cafe-can for ability Düz anlatım, tartışma
12 Past simple of -be- and regular verbs-discussion what you did last week Düz anlatım, tartışma
13 Past simple irregular verbs Düz anlatım, tartışma
14 İnterviewing your partner and writing an article Düz anlatım, tartışma
15 General Review Düz anlatım, tartışma
16-17 final sınav final sınav

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