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1 Meet the course information. Course structure and functioning. Lecture
2 Definition and general history of music. Overview of music history. Lecture
3 Instrument and there music. Music instrument and such differences. Lecture
4 Gothic and Renaissance period. Developments in the music of Gothic and Renaissance periods. Lecture
5 Baroque: Vivaldi, Bach. Developments in Baroque music. Lecture
Brain Storming
6 Classical period: Mozart, Beethoven. Classical period of music development. Lecture
Brain Storming
7 Romantic period: Chopin, Schubert. Romantic period of music developments. Lecture
8 Mid-Term Exam Evaluation Testing
9 Contemporary Period: Schönbrg, Saygun. Music developments in the contemporary period. Lecture
Brain Storming
10 Structure of Turkish Music, Our Contemporary Music. Structure and properties of Turkish music. Lecture
Brain Storming
11 Musical dynamics. PE, PP, MF, F, FF , concepts. Lecture
Brain Storming
12 Choir, Opera. Chorus and Opera's functions. Lecture
Brain Storming
13 Symphonies and Concertos. What is the symphony and concerto, functions. Lecture
Brain Storming
14 General Music Genres in the World. Overview of Music Types. Lecture
Brain Storming
15 Electronic music. Information about electronic music. Lecture
Brain Storming
16-17 Term Exams Evaluation Testing

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