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1 Overview of history phenomenon. The comparison and consideration of oral and literal culture. Reading of literature
2 Communication instruments d the origin of writing in archaic empires. Orality, literacy. Contemporary media. Society and communication, technical opportunities which occurs the press. Reading of literature
3 The developments and in the First Age and the Medieval Age and their impacts. The practices before the invention of the printery in the Medieval Age. News trade. Reading of literature
4 The development in Modern Age and their impacts. The overview of the 16th, the 17th and the 18th century. Enlightened Age and The Enlightenment. The situation right before the French Revolution and the progress of the variations of the newspapers. Reading of literature
5 The developments in the Modern Age and their impacts. The situation right after 1789, French Revolution. Reading of literature
6 The social structure in 19th Century. The inventions which contributes to the progress. Railways, the telegraph, new journalism, the telephone. Reading of literature
7 The birth of visual Technologies and the mass society: The view of the pres in the second term of 19th Century. Industrial Revolution. Reading of literature
8 Mid-term exam Taught course subjects
9 Social Structure in the 20th Century and the pres of various countries. The birth of news agencies and the very first news agencies. Reading of literature
10 The development of the pres in Turkey. The role of the press on the spreading of the ideological movements, new concepts and scientific information. Reading of literature
11 Introduction to the electronical broadcasting. Radio. The importance of the press and the function of the radio on war period. Reading of literature
12 The historical development of the cinema. Television. BBC and the origins of the public service broadcasting. Political freedom gaining process of television. Reading of literature
13 The development of the communication instruments right after the World War II. The development of information sector. New and old communication instruments. Reading of literature
14 Founding of TRT and the importance of TRTs founding. The start of private television channel broadcasting. The realtions between media-democracy and media-politics. Freedom of press and the censorship. Reading of literature
15 The globalization and the criticism of the globalistism. Reading of literature
16-17 Final exam Taught course subjects

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