Course Title Code Semester L+P Hour Credits ECTS
Biochemistry II * ECF   212 4 2 2 3

Prerequisites and co-requisites
Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)
Course Type
Course Coordinator Asst.Prof.Dr. Özlem ALPTEKİN
Dr. Öğr. ÜyesiÖZLEM ALPTEKİN1. Öğretim Grup:A
To learn the carbohydrate, lipid, protein and nucleic acid metabolism (production and destruction), to relate to the basic principles of bioenergetics, to relate metabolic pathways, to understand the fundamentals of genetic information transfer.
Informations about bioenergetics and metabolism, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, and the pentose phosphate pathway, principles of metabolic regulation, the citric acid cycle, fatty acid catabolism, amino acid oxidation and the production of urea, oxidative phosphorylation and photophosphorylation, lipid biosynthesis, biosynthesis of amino acids, nucleotides, and related molecules, integration and hormonal regulation of mammalian metabolism, DNA metabolism, RNA metabolism, protein metabolism will be given in this lesson.

Learning Outcomes

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Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 Bioenergetics and metabolism Textbooks and internet
2 Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Textbooks and internet
3 Principles of Metabolic Regulation Textbooks and internet
4 The Citric Acid Cycle Textbooks and internet
5 Fatty Acid Catabolism Textbooks and internet
6 Amino Acid Oxidation and the Production of Urea Textbooks and internet
7 Oxidative Phosphorylation and Photophosphorylation Textbooks and internet
8 Midterm
9 Lipid Biosynthesis Textbooks and internet
10 Biosynthesis of Amino Acids, Nucleotides, and Related Molecules Textbooks and internet
11 Integration and Hormonal Regulation of Mammalian Metabolism Textbooks and internet
12 DNA Metabolism Textbooks and internet
13 RNA Metabolism Textbooks and internet
14 Protein Metabolism Textbooks and internet
15 Drug development Textbooks and internet
16-17 Final

Recommended or Required Reading
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