Course Title Code Semester L+P Hour Credits ECTS
Biochemistry I * ECF   211 3 2 2 3

Prerequisites and co-requisites
Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)
Course Type
Course Coordinator Asst.Prof.Dr. Özlem ALPTEKİN
Dr. Öğr. ÜyesiÖZLEM ALPTEKİN1. Öğretim Grup:A
Understanding the basic knowledge of biomolecules in living systems, comprehending structure, function and functions of biomolecules in organism, genetic information storage, transfer and regulation of gene expression.
Informations about the foundations of biochemistry, water, amino acids, peptides and proteins, the three-dimensional structure of proteins, protein function, enzymes and their kinetics, carbohydrates and glycobiology, nucleotides and nucleic acids, DNA-based information technologies, lipids, biological membranes and transport and biosignaling will be given in this lesson.

Learning Outcomes

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Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 The Foundations of Biochemistry Textbooks and internet
2 Water Textbooks and internet
3 Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins Textbooks and internet
4 The Three-Dimensional Structure Of Proteins Textbooks and internet
5 Protein Function Textbooks and internet
6 Enzymes Textbooks and internet
7 Enzymes and their kinetics Textbooks and internet
8 Mid-Term Exam Written exam
9 Carbohydrates And Glycobiology Textbooks and internet
10 Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids Textbooks and internet
11 DNA-Based Information Technologies Textbooks and internet
12 Lipids Textbooks and internet
13 Biological Membranes and Transport Textbooks and internet
14 Biosignaling Textbooks and internet
15 Signal-Transduction Pathways Textbooks and internet
16-17 Term Exams Written exam

Recommended or Required Reading
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