Course's Contribution To Program
NoProgram Learning OutcomesContribution
o Defining the financial and legal fundamental terms and principle
o Having the infrastructure capacity regarding the fundamental principles, process and tools of Landscape Architecture; utilize the theoretical and practical knowledge in this field in conjunction with the professional field solutions.
o Perceiving the landscape as the original or artificial elements of natural system and utilizing these resources in a sustainable planning approach while meeting human needs.
o Reflecting the philosophy, item, principles and tools of Landscape Design in detailed landscape design process, using knowledge and competence as well. Gaining essential basis to be capable to reflect knowledge into the areas regarding nature, natural
o Utilizing the accumulation of knowledge in the field of landscape desing, landscape treatment, landscape protection and the development of landscape comprehending the knowledge within systematic classification regarding plant materail which is one of t
o The ability of detecting, defining, formulating and resolving the engineering problems; the selection and application of appropriate analytical methods and modeling techniques. Know and comprehend of the functions of landscape ecology and principles and
o Utilizing the information related to research philosophy and techniques gained in humanities and social fields regarding landscape work.
o Acquiring and perceiving the required information regarding the fundamental principles, processes and tools of Landscape Architecture. Perceiving the landscape as the original or artificial elements of natural system and these resources in a sustainable
o Acquring the knowledge regarding nature, natural processes, characteristics and performances of some organic items, by receiving this knowledge getting the ability to reflect these in landscapes design, protection, treatment and management studies. Acqu
o Know and comprehend the functions of landscape ecology and principles and practics of ecological planning/ desingning and in landscape architecture implementations.
o Acquring information about landscape work in humanities and social fields related to research philosophy and techniques.
o Analysing a system, one of system components or process and ability to desing the requested requirements under limited circumstances; accordingly the ability to implement modern design methods.
o Ability to select and use the modern techniques and tools necessary for engineering practice; the ability to use information technologies effectively, gathering data, analyse and interpellation
o Understanding the required physical biological indicators for the identification and classification of landscapes, having the ability to use them. Acquiring the competence in offering the desing and plan alternatives.
o Gaining the ability to evaluate and resolve several landscape items through research and critical interpretation of alternative considerations.
o Gaining the visual, verbal and written ability to improve and explain the ideas of Landscape Architecture by utilizing the contemporary communication methods.
o Competence to work independently and taking on responsibility: Ability to work effectively as an individual and multi-disciplinary teams, confidence to take responsibility
Ability to access information and resources to do research and use databases and other information resources and lifelong learning with the awareness of the need to follow developments in science and technology and continuous self-renewal ability.
Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken Turkish and know at least one foreign language.
Project management with professional and ethical responsibility, workplace practices, employee health services, awareness of business environment and job security, legal implications of engineering applications and practices of engineering solutions in th