Course's Contribution To Program
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Explains the concepts and principles related to the subject areas of Primary Education (Mathematics, Turkish, Science and Technology, Life Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, etc.).
Evaluates the characteristics of 1st-5th year primary school students´´ development along with their role in learning.
Evaluates the significant people, events and phenomena in the historical process in terms of their effect on educational applications.
Uses not only the 1st- 5th grades primary education programs (Turkish, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Natural Science, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, etc.) but also the specific teaching strategies, methods and techniques of
Makes a critique of art products in the light of information regarding art and describes their qualities.
Utilizes the process of generating scientific knowledge in order to solve the problems which are encountered in Primary School Education.
Utilizes appropriate methods and techniques for the development of students´ such high-order thinking skills as critical, creative as well as problem solving.
Plans, implements and evaluates the process of teaching and learning by taking the characteristics of students´ development, individual differences as well as the properties of the subject area into account
Evaluates students´ learning process by means of different methods and techniques of evaluation and assessment.
Generates appropriate learning materials in order to create effective teaching and learning processes, and uses information and communication technologies effectively during this process.
Takes responsibility both individually and within groups to solve problems encountered during the applications in primary education
Monitors their performance and attempts to improve their professional knowledge and skills.
Evaluates the information she/he gains in a critical way by acquiring autonomous learning skills
Along with their professional development, improves himself/herself in scientific, cultural, artistic and social areas in accordance with his/her interests and abilities through identifying his/her needs.
Exchanges his/her ideas and solutions related to the field of teaching in a written or oral way effectively
Establishes effective communication with their students, colleagues, school management and families, and develops strategies to ensure families´ participation and support.
Within the scope of the education system and school management, utilizes general objectives and basic principles of education in the application.
Develops projects and activities in order to make the social environment livable.
Makes self-assessment / personal opinion through observing the artistic and scientific activities as well as following the current national and international events.