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1 Introduction to the course, aims and objectives, Purpose and Importance of Prenatal Care Prenatal Services and Related Approaches Reading
2 Description and importance of risky prenancy Risky factors at pregnancy Reading,research
3 Prenatal risk factors: abo-rh incompatibility, adolescent pregnancy, advanced maternal age and pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy Reading,research
4 Prenatal bleeding:first trimester bleeding, third trimester bleeding Reading,research
5 Hypertension, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP syndrome Reading,research
6 Systemic diseases and pregnancy: cardiovaskuler system diseases and pregnancy Systemic diseases and pregnancy: Endocrine system diseases and pregnancy Reading,research
7 1. Mid-term Exam Reading, Revision
8 Diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes Reading,research
9 Urinary system diseases and pregnancy Lung diseases and pregnancy Blood diseases and pregnancy Reading,research
10 Prematurity polyhydroamnos oligohydramnios Premature rupture of membranes Chorioamnionitis Reading,research
11 Substance and drug use in pregnancy hyperemesis gravidarum multiple pregnancy Reading,research
12 Teratogenic factors and infections Reading,research
13 Psychological Aspects of High, Risk Pregnancy, Psychological Adjustment, Pregnancy Loss and Perinatal Grief Pregnancy Trauma -Violence in Pregnancy Reading,research
14 II. Mid-term Exam Reading, Revision
15 Pregnancy Surgical Applications Reading,research
16-17 Final Exam Reading, Repeat

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