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1 Dyes and their application in microbiology. Methods for prepaering of microscopslides Literature
2 Sterilisation Literature
3 Mediums for bacterial culturs Literature
4 Methods for pure bacterial culturs Literature
5 Anaerobic cultur of bacteriums Literature
6 Microbial envirment Literature
7 First exam Literature
8 Fermantations Literature
9 Carbohydrat digesting Literature
10 Spesific tets for identification Literature
11 Bactery counting Literature
12 Experiment animals and their usage Literature
13 Isolation of Bacteriophages Literature
14 Bacterial prophylacsie Literature
15 Identification of pathologic bacteries Literature
16-17 Final exam Literature

Recommended or Required Reading
Additional Resources
Prof.Dr. E.Tali Çetin.(1973) Pratik Mikrobiyoloji E.Jawetz,J.L. Melnick, E.A. Adelberg(1977). Medizinische Mikrobiologie