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1 Learn to Sensory perception, classification of sensory, types of receivers expression
2 Learn to photoreceptors, common light sensivity, localized to the light sensivity expression
3 Learn to visions of different organisms, compand eye, anatomy of compand eye expression
4 Learn to eye physiology of mammalion and human expression
5 Learn to accommodation, types of accomodation expression
6 Learn to visual impairment of human expression
7 Learn to olfactory, olfactory system of different organisms expression
8 Mid-Term Exam
9 Learn to human of olfactory system expression
10 Learn to The sense of taste expression
11 Learn to the anatomic types of human tangue , the types of papilla and tastes expression
12 Learn to auditory sense, auditory sense of different organisms expression
13 Learn to the anatomic type of human auditory organ expression
14 Learn to mechanoreceptors, tactile sensing expression
15 Learn to pain sensation and bady positions expression
16-17 Term Exams

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