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1 How to make a decision with statistics Source reading
2 Explanation of null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, decision rule, rejected and accepted regions, types of errors Source reading
3 Explanation of the concetps unit, variable, sample, population, parameter and statistics. Source reading
4 The language of sampling, Sampling methods Source reading
5 Random numbers, Simple Random Sampling, Stratified Random Sampling Source reading
6 Systematic Sampling, Cluster Sampling, Multistage sampling Source reading
7 Introduction to observational studies and experiments. Understanding observational studies Source reading
8 Mid-Term Exam Rewview the topics discussed in the lecture notes and sources
9 Response variable, Explanatory variable, Source reading
10 Principles of planning an experiment Source reading
11 Summarizing data graphically (Types of variables, Distribution of a variable, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs) Source reading
12 Summarizing data graphically (Displaying relationships between two qualitative variables, Frequency Plots, Histogram, Stem-and-leaf plots) Source reading
13 Summarizing data numerically (Mean, Median, Mode) Source reading
14 Summarizing data numerically (Range, Quartiles, Interquartile range, Standart deviation) Source reading
15 Solving problem Rewview the topics discussed in the lecture notes and sources
16-17 Term Exams Written exam

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