Course Title Code Semester L+P Hour Credits ECTS
Chemical Kinetics and Ref. Tech. * KM   473 7 2 2 4

Prerequisites and co-requisites Yok
Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)
Course Type
Course Coordinator Prof. Dr. İlyas DEHRİ
Prof. Dr.İLYAS DEHRİ1. Öğretim Grup:A
Prof. Dr.İLYAS DEHRİ2. Öğretim Grup:A
Teaching refraction techniques used to determine crystal structures of solids and chemical reaction rate.
Determination of the reaction rate by testing, Deviation of 0., 1., 2., and 3. order reactions rate equations, the effect of temperature on trhe reaction rate, fotochemical reactions, katalize and adsorption, kinetics of te enzyme reactions, chryistal structure, type of solid chryistal, X-ray difractirns, coordination nubber, atomic number in unit cell.

Learning Outcomes

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Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 General information about the crystal structures Reading
2 Diffraction techniques Reading
3 Methods and practices of crystal structures elucidation Reading
4 Experimental determination of the reaction rate Reading
5 Deriving the zero and first-order reaction rate equation Reading
6 Deriving the second and third reaction rate equation Reading
7 Determine the degree of reaction Reading
8 Midterm Exam Reading
9 The effect of temperature on reaction rate Reading
10 Successive reactions Reading
11 Photochemical reactions Reading
12 Catalysis and adsorption Reading
13 Enzyme reaction kinetics Reading
14 Collision theory Reading
15 Collision theory Reading
16-17 Final exam Owner notes and reading

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