Course Title Code Semester L+P Hour Credits ECTS
Physics II * FM   104 2 4 4 5

Prerequisites and co-requisites
Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)
Course Type
Course Coordinator Prof.Dr. Süleyman ÇABUK
Prof.Dr.SÜLEYMAN ÇABUK1. Öğretim Grup:A
Prof.Dr.SÜLEYMAN ÇABUK2. Öğretim Grup:A
The main objectives of this physics course is to provide the student with a clear and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles of physics, and strengthen an understanding of the concepts and principles through a board range of interesting application to the real word. Welcome to the exciting world of physics.
Electric charge and electric field; Gauss law; Electric potential; Capacitance and dielectrics; Current and resistance; Direct current circuits; Magnetic fields ;Sources of the magnetic fields; Faraday law; Inductance; Alternating current circuits; Electromagnetic waves

Learning Outcomes