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1 An Overview of the Basic Business Functions Professors own notes
2 Marketing Business Today (p. 327-338)
3 Consumer behavior Business Today (p. 338-356)
4 Product and Pricing Decisions Business Today (p. 357-386)
5 Distribution and Promotion Business Today (p. 387-448)
6 Computers and Information Technology and Quantitative Decision Techniques Business Today (p. 449-480)
7 Accounting Business Today (p. 481-510)
8 Midterm exam Studying for exam
9 Money and Banking Business Today (p. 511-520)
10 Money and Banking Business Today (p. 520-540)
11 Financial Management Business Today (p. 541-556)
12 Financial Management Business Today (p. 556-570)
13 Securities Market Business Today (p. 571-600)
14 Government Regulations and Business Law, Risk Management and Insurance Business Today (p. 601-632)(p. 633-656)
15 Projects presentaions Preparings of projects
16-17 Final exam Studying for exam

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