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1 Real Fluid Flow, Laminar and Turbulent Flow This topic
2 Pipes Regular Flow, Speed Pipe Distributions This topic
3 Pipeline Problems This topic
4 Pipeline Problems, Hydraulic Analysis of Pipe Networks This topic
5 Dimensional Analysis and Hydraulic Similarity This topic
6 Regular Open Channels Flow, Basic Concepts This topic
7 Uniform Flow, Uniform Flow Account This topic
8 Mid-term exam This topic
9 Open Channels Best Hydraulic Section, Specific Energy This topic
10 Trends in Non-uniform open channels, Specific Energy, Critical Diet, River and Flood Regime This topic
11 Water Surface Differential Equation This topic
12 Channel Angle Definitions This topic
13 Non-uniform Flows Longitudinal Profiles This topic
14 United Sections Account This topic
15 Final exam This topic
16-17 Final exam This topic

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