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1 Soil and Foundation Engineering, general information about the construction of the basic input none
2 Soil surveys, soil investigation methods none
3 Probes and field tests none
4 Laboratory tests and other methods of soil investigation none
5 Preparation of Soil Survey reports none
6 Basic materials used in foundatiıon none
7 Mid-term exam none
8 Mid-Term Exam none
9 Theorems of bearing capacity of soils and calculation methods none
10 Foundation types and calculations of bearing capacity of shallow foundations none
11 Introduction to deep foundation systems and bearing capacity calculations none
12 Foundation excavation pits and measures to be taken none
13 Structures holding the soil behind them and the design parameters none
14 Sheet piling, anchors, their usages and calculation methods none
15 Settlements and calculations of foundation consolidations none
16-17 Term Exams none

Recommended or Required Reading
Additional Resources
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