Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 Basic Concepts none
2 Defining of soil none
3 Formation of soils none
4 Weathering of soils and structure none
5 Properties of soil endex none
6 Classification of soils none
7 Soil compaction none
8 Mid-Term Exam none
9 Techniques of soil compaction none
10 Soil water none
11 Water flow in soils none
12 Soil stress none
13 Stress distribution in soils none
14 Solving problems none
15 Practical Applications none
16-17 Term Exams none

Recommended or Required Reading
Additional Resources
Prof. Dr. Mustafa LAMAN Ders Notları (basılı değil) Zemin Mekaniği (Birsen Yayınları , Prof. Dr. Kutay ÖZAYDIN) Zemin Mekaniği Problemleri (Prof. Dr. Vahit KUMBASAR) Çözümlü Problemlerle Zemin Mekaniği (Prof. Dr. Kemal ÖZÜDOĞRU, Prof. Dr. Oğuz TAN, Prof. Dr. İsmail H. AKSOY)