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1 General definitions and importance of irrigation and drainage. Hydrology course
2 Determination of plant water requirement. Hydrology course
3 An example about water requirement of plant using Blaney Criddle method. Hydrology course
4 Methods of irrigation Hydrology course
5 Irrigation network with open channel. Previous section
6 Hydraulic calculations of Irrigation network with open channel. Fluid mechanics 2 course
7 Concrete flumes and their hydraulic characteristic Previous section
8 Mid-Term Exam All subjects
9 Drainage of farmland and drainage network. Previous section
10 Hydraulic calculations for drainage channels. Hydrology course
11 Mc Math and Rasyonel methods. Hydrology course
12 Synder and Synthetic unit hydrograph method. Hydrology course
13 Water art structures for irrigation and drainage networks. Previous section
14 Flow measurement structures Hydrology course
15 Hydraulic applications about water art structures. Fluid mechanics 2 course
16-17 Term Exams All subjects

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